The International College of Dongguan University of Technology was established in May 2016. On September 18, 2016, the International College of Dongguan University of technology held the unveiling ceremony and the opening ceremony for the first group of foreign students, marking that Dongguan University of technology is the first local university in Dongguan to recruit foreign students.


       As a pilot of international education and teaching reform, the main functions of International College include: being responsible for the education of foreign students ( language courses students), establishing foreign language centers, expanding international education cooperation projects of non-degree courses, undertakeing other intra·mural international reform and cooperation tasks.


International College establishes several offices to facilitate and organize daily errands: the comprehensive office, foreign students office, project management office, foreign language center and international Chinese teaching and research office.


       International College has thus far enrolled and trained more than 400 foreign students from 40 countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Slovakia and Bolivia etc. We have continually cooperated with the Netherlands  NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences on the credit mutual recognition minor program in the past four years. International college thrives to deliver assorted language courses including English oral class for staff, post-graduate entrance examination English class (Free of charge), series of  IELTS course etc. Additionally, since 2019, international college begins to operate the International Scholarly Exchange Curriculum (ISEC) course in accordance with the teaching and learning requirements outlined by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).