College Overview

In order to facilitate introduction and integration of international high quality education resources, constantly improve internationalization level of the university, accelerate construction of high quality science and engineering university, and promote internationalization strategy, Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) set up International College in May 2016, and runs it according to new mechanism. International College is designed as new mechanism carrier and experimental field to undertake DGUT’s internationalization education and teaching reform, and improve DGUT’s internationalization level, and performs the following functions, teaching international students, being the pilot for internationalizing DGUT’s education and teaching reforms, implementing various student exchange projects, constructing international foreign language center, and expanding non-academic international education cooperation projects.

International College of DGUT upholds the schooling philosophy of “holistic education”, maintains the curriculum system of “international accomplishment”, leverages profound science and technology background and culture of DGUT, adheres to using international standards to design and implement academic and course management, enrolls Chinese and foreign students under the frame in which language teaching is the foundation, professional course is the backbone, social demand is the orientation and Chinese-foreign cooperation is the background, and cultivates inter-disciplinary, innovative and international talents with language proficiency, academic competence, professional ability, cross-cultural communication ability and humanistic quality, so as to realize the new height of international talent cultivation, build a high level international college in China, and guide new breakthrough of international education idea and practice. In future, International College will assist DGUT in establishing North America Innovation Center, Europe Innovation Center and Australia Innovation Center, striving to accelerate the construction of high level science and engineering university through reform and exploration of international college.

On September 18, International College of DGUT held the opening ceremony and school opening day for the first batch of foreign students, marking DGUT being the first local university to recruit foreign students in Dongguan. International College has enrolled students from Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Czech, Indonesia, the United States, Japan, Slovakia, India, Ethiopia, Malaysia, South Korea, Bolivia and other countries. The college made great efforts to the construction of DGUT-UNM (University of New Mexico) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Joint Cultivation Program in 2016, and the program has been implemented smoothly, with the completion of student enrollment for international class and successful implementation of teaching work. DGUT has established cooperation on student exchange with more than 30 universities in the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Australia, Spain, Japan, Czech, Poland, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, and sends about 200 students to cooperative universities and colleges to carry out exchange and study each year.