First class for freshmen: "Choose what you love, love what you choose".

日期:2020年10月01日 15:04:15   来源: 国际学院

On September 30th, 2020, the opening ceremony of the 2020 International Joint Training Undergraduate Freshmen of the International College of Dongguan University of Technology was held in Room 7-103 of the Guancheng campus. Dean Wang Jihui gave a lecture on "First class for freshmen: Ideological and Political Class by Dean " with the theme of "Choose what you love, love what you choose".

Dean Wang extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the 2020 freshmen. Based on his own experience, Dean Wang shared his understanding and insights about the university and even life, and encouraged the students to change their identities as soon as possible, clarify their own responsibilities and missions, and strive to be responsible college students.

Dean Wang said that in college life, students will face a variety of choices. Choices are very important but not the most important. The attitude towards things is more important than choice. Life is a self-cultivation. Dean Wang hope that students can choose what they love, and at the same time love what they choose after choosing.