International students and teachers of International College visited Guangzhou for a one-day cultural tour

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        On October 30th,  international students and teachers of International College visited Guangzhou for a one-day cultural tour. The day was sunny, so was our mood.

        The first stop of the cultural tour was the Flower City Square where the Canton Tower, also called as “Xiao Man Yao” is located. The square is the masterpiece of the combination of nature and modernity, with both natural landscape and high-rise buildings, fully expressing the vitality and vigor of Guangzhou. “Xiao Man Yao” is extremely charming. The students could enjoy tranquil moment in the urban center. Upon seeing such beautiful scenes, the students took out their phones to shot photos.

        The second stop was Guangdong Provincial Museum next to the Flower City Square. Guangdong Provincial Museum is the only provincial-level comprehensive museum in Guangdong Province and a national first-grade museum. The international students appreciated cultural relics in front of glass window, and learned about the stories and profound meanings behind those cultural relics under the help of English translation. During the visit, some pupils in school uniform also visited the museum, and they were very friendly to the international students.

        After visiting the museum, the international students visited Chen Clan Academy, also called as Chen Ancestral Temple, which is the largest and well preserved Lingnan building with ancestral temple style in Guangdong. It is honored as “the pearl of Lingnan architectural art”, with various buildings and sculptures well arranged. The Chen Clan Academy also displayed exquisite and crafted Chinese paper cuttings and artworks made by jade, ivory and pottery clay. The international students took photos, and appreciated those ancient but elegant artworks.

        The last stop was Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, one of the most famous pedestrian streets in Guangzhou. It would be the most direct place to experience the local life in our tour. Our Guangzhou cultural investigation tour ended by enjoying Cantonese food.